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Ms. Annamaria BALLA

Ms. Annamaria BALLA

We, at SMART RELOCATION, SMART MOVING and SMART HELP believe that this services should be done only like you would help your best friend or you would do it for yourself.
We provide tailor-made service and we are sensitive for your needs.

We have more than 10 years of experience on moving and relocation and we are constantly working on improving our service level, finding better solutions for everyday problems an expat or a returning Hungarian may face while moving to Hungary.

We are a small and independent company therefore we want and can take it personally.
We do our best to understand your needs and problems and we provide solutions so you do not have to waist your time and energy on trying to understand difficult official procedures or pushing any service provider to be faster or more punctual.
We do it on your behalf.

No one should promise that they can do miracles. Nor we do.
We just promise that we will do everything possible to find the ways, to reach your goals, to provide the best solution for your problem.

We are here to help you!

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